The Ubuntu 22.04 release carries a colossal crop of cumulative changes and improvements added in the previous three releases — but what are the most notable?

That’s the question I answer in my Ubuntu 22.04: What’s New video.

Yes, I’m back with a breathy, bi-annual bulldoze through the biggest and best embellishments on offer.

As Jammy is a long-term support release — fun fact: > 90% of all Ubuntu users use an LTS release — there’s a lot to cover with features carried over from 20.10, 21.04, and 21.10, plus the newly new stuff that debuts in 22.04!

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How to Upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04

In 5 minutes and 42 seconds I jog through the joyous additions (and possibly poke some fun at slowly Snap app startup times 😉) to bring you up to speed on what’s new in Ubuntu 22.04 — from sought-after new settings through to its array of awesome aesthetic alternations.

If you read my LTS to LTS feature spotting guide a few weeks back you’ll be mostly familiar with the content of the video (saved you a watch) but you do get to see me trying hard at being a “YouTuber”.

It’s a video embed!

In short, Ubuntu 22.04 is the most speedy, stable, and scintillating version of Ubuntu released to date.

Improvements big and small combine to create a phenomenal first-class experience that has something to offer everyone, from software engineers who want the latest technologies to high school students tired up of blue screens, endless updates, and pricey office software.

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