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Snap app fans will want to check out an extension for GNOME Shell that makes it easier to manage, update, and configure software installed using the packaging format.

It’s called Snap Manager and while it’s not an official Snapcraft/Canonical add-on (it’s made by a third-party) it does boast a neat front-end for many of the snapd engine’s command-line actions.

For example, instead of open a terminal and running snap list or snap refresh you can just click the options in the Snap Manager menu.

“A simple popup menu in the top bar to easily manage usual snap tasks. All the results are displayed in GNOME Terminal, so you can exactly know what you are doing and what is processing,” reads the description.

A timesaver, if nothing else.

My favourite shortcuts in Snap Manager are the ones that lets me pause Snap updates for an hour/day/week/month. You can’t disable Snap updates outright (a long standing gripe) but a week or two is fine (I’m currently writing this post on a 4G tether and as helpful as auto-updates are, I don’t want Snaps eating through my data allowance).

With this extension I can “hold” updates until my proper internet connection is restored.

I know more than a couple of you will be pulling a face at me — I get it: Snaps aren’t universally loved. But whatever the technical merits may or may not be Snappy is a technology included in Ubuntu, and a great many people are using it.

You can grab the source code on GitHub, or install the extension itself from GNOME Extensions website, which is compatible with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and above.

Snap Manager on GNOME Extensions

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