Chrome CSD fixes

The latest development builds of Google Chrome fix several of the browser’s extant CSD issues on Linux desktops.

Those of you mouthing “What CSD related issues?!” at your screens (and thus me) probably run Google Chrome maximised on the desktop.

However, those of us who run the browser windowed have to endure (hyperbole) Chrome’s cranky client-side decoration support which draws a thick border around the entire window. This is highly noticeable in GTK themes with dark header bars, like Ubuntu’s Yaru.

Compare the current stable version of Google Chrome for Linux (v92 at the time of writing) against the current unstable build (v94) by dragging the divider in the image below (if you read from an RSS reader or a scraper site you won’t be able to do this because hey: the internet doesn’t work like that, honey).

Google Chrome for Linux v92
Chrome 92 (left) and Chrome 94 (right)

I won’t deny that the differences are subtle, but they are there. Most notably, losing that obnoxious border around the whole freakin’ browser frame means content is able to flow flush, from edge-to-edge, as intended, just as it does on other operating systems.

And those now nicely rounded window corners? A sweet bonus!

This change is now rolling out to the Google Chrome stable release.

Update: as pointed out to me on Twitter, running progressive web apps (PWAs) with the classic theme enabled lets PWAs display their designated theme-colour in the window decorations — a nice touch!

Revolutionary these changes aren’t, and they do not address many of the browser’s other shortcomings (which some may feel are more pressing than extraneous decoration).

But however trivial these fixes are in the grand scheme I appreciate them. They help the browser adhere properly to my system theme, which creates a better overall experience.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for these changes to filter down to stable versions of the browser, its open source kin Chromium, or the plethora of Chromium-based web browsers now available on Linux.

h/t Raul

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