Have questions about the Ubuntu desktop? Want to pick the minds of the people who make and shape the distro that millions of people use daily?

If so, today’s your chance!

Users can ask the Ubuntu desktop team questions live on YouTube

At 3 PM (UTC) on Friday the 23rd of April the Ubuntu desktop team is going live on YouTube to host an online and interactive “Indaba” — that’s a South African word for “a conference or consultation between people”.

The live stream will feature members of the Ubuntu Desktop Team who work at Canonical, as well as faces from the wider Ubuntu community. A member of the Yaru theme team will be special guest for the first of these (hopefully regular) streams.

You can watch the event live on YouTube via the Ubuntu on Air YouTube channel, and ask the team questions via Ubuntu Discourse (ahead or time) or during the stream (by typing in the live chat box that will be on the YouTube video page).

This event is part of a wider initiative by Canonical to reengage and reenergise the community around the Ubuntu desktop product.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it as the event will be available to rewatch from the Ubuntu on Air YouTube channel:

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