Mozilla has announced the release of Firefox 88.

The latest version of the famed FOSS app enabled ‘smooth pinch-zooming using a touchpad’ on Linux systems. Additionally, the browser’s built-in PDF form filler now supports JavaScript embeds within PDF files (often used for verification).

Mozilla says it’s bolstered the browser’s privacy credentials even further in this release by enforcing additional rules to prevent cross-site privacy leaks.

It’s not all feature additions, however.

Firefox 88 disables FTP support within the browser. Mozilla say the feature is not widely used and, as is, presents a ‘security risk’ as FTP is a non-encrypted protocol. The feature will be stripped out entirely in a future release.

Talking of unused features, this update removes the “Take a Screenshot” feature from the Page Actions menu in the url bar (the little sheet that appears when you click the “…” icon on the right-most part of the address bar).

I’m not sure what the point of fussing around with page action menu items is given that the upcoming Firefox redesign removes the page actions menu entirely!

Still, the screenshot button is not gone entirely; you add the screenshot button to your preferred toolbar by right-clicking on it, selecting the Customize option, and dragging the screenshot action to the toolbar, as this screenshot shows:

firefox 88 screenshot
Screenshot button can still be added to the toolbar

Firefox 88 is free, open source software. You can download the latest release from the Firefox website, or from your Linux distribution’s repositories. Ubuntu users (as well as those on related distros like Linux Mint and elementary OS) will automatically be upgraded to Firefox 88 update shortly.

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