Use Microsoft Edge for Linux? If so, you may want to rush off and upgrade to the latest dev release.

Why? Well you know why since you read the headline first! 😉

Yes, the latest dev builds of Microsoft Edge for Linux supports sign-in and sync using a Microsoft Account. This feature has been missing since Edge’s Linux debut in the autumn of last year. The lack of bookmark and account info sync is the only thing keeping some users from using Edge as their default browser.


Microsoft Edge for Linux dev
Signed in and syncing, baby

Of course, there is a caveat to this news: you can only sign-in and sync using a personal Microsoft Account (sorry to any AAD users out there). If you don’t already have a Microsoft Account you’ll need to sign up for one first.

Microsoft Sync is enabled by default in Edge version 91.0.838.x and later. If you use an older build you may be able to enable the ‘MSA sign-in’ feature on the edge://flags page.

If you don’t enable the MSA sign in experiment or you’re using an older build you will continue to see the “oh no! platform not supported” message when attempting to sign in:

Sync didn’t wok until now

Once done, just launch Edge, click the account button in the main toolbar, sign in with your details, choose what settings you wish to sync, and away you go. The sync (including settings) works between OSes. You can sync your Edge browser on Windows with your Edge browser on Ubuntu, and so on.

Is Microsoft Edge the best web browser for Linux? That’s subjective and not what this article is addressing. Only you can decide what works for you based on your needs, your outlook, and your ideals. Not that these disclaimers are strictly necessity. Chances are no-one is reading a post about Edge if they’re not not into it 💁🏻‍♂️ — but my point stands: this is news, not a recommendation.

That said, I have pitched my tent in the camp that prefers having a choice to not use something over no choice to use it all.

*cough* Adobe *cough*

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