Owners of the original PinePhone can now upgrade their device with more RAM and storage.

Higher spec’d mainboards for the Pinephone, which will be of particular interest to BraveHeart and Ubports Community Edition owners, went on sale on the (recently revamped) Pine Store on November 1.

The new boards offer 3GB of on-board memory and 32GB of flash storage. This is up from the 2GB/16GB combo offered on the original and early-doors handsets. Newer versions of the PinePhone, including those sold with postmarketOS and Manjaro, tout these “convergence” grade specs.

An upgraded PinePhone mainboard costs $104.95. This is a sizeable chunk of the BraveHeart handsets’ original $149 price, but kind of makes sense: this board is the smartphone, essentially.

As a sweetener, Pine64 is offering those with the first two handsets the chance to buy the upgraded mainboard at the discounted price of $79.95.

“This offer is targeted at BraveHeart and UBports Community Edition end users. We’re offering this mainboard at a discounted price […] as a sign of appreciation for helping us create a real Linux smartphone. Thank you,” they say.

Pine64 say the discount ends on December 31, 2020 or if all stock sells out — whichever comes first. Buyers can also only purchase one upgraded mainboard. To qualify for the early adopter discount an original Ubports/Braveheart order number must be provided.

Other PinePhone components are also available to buy through the store. This includes replacement cases, touchscreens, USB Type-C sideboard, and extra batteries.

Interested in upgrading your PinePhone? Head over the Pine Store product below to learn more.

Buy the Pinephone 3GB/32GB Mainboard

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