Canonical canned the official Ubuntu merch shop last year, leaving it to the wider Ubuntu community to meet market demand.

The fab folks in the Ubuntu France community have once again taken Ubuntu’s latest mascot animal and turned it into another top-tier t-shirt design.

When the “Groovy Gorilla” codename was first announced I predicted that the cartoony combo would help artists cook up some terrific art — and the Ubuntu France guys have proved me right.

Here’s their Ubuntu t-shirt for the Ubuntu 20.10 release:

Ubuntu 20.10 t-shirt by ubuntu france
The groovy new garment

Design wise the skating primate is a smaller overall design than the pervious three designs. The giant snarly cat with the Ubuntu logo in its mouth was unmistakably Ubuntu. The robotic beaver was more subtle. Here, you have to really look at the design to get its Ubuntu.

But I kinda prefer t-shirt designs like that. Being less obvious leads to a focused, thoughtful design. Slapping a logo on something and calling it “merch ” is easy. Translating the ideas behind a brand (or project) into a design that works as a design as well as promotion … that’s harder — so credit to the Ubuntu France folks.

The Ubuntu 20.10 t-shirt is available in two colours (grey or maroon), two fits (standard tee and v-neck) and a range of sizes (including XS, for skinny nerds like me). Price starts at €15 (limited time offer, regularly €20) and shipping starts in November.

You know you want to learn more and you can do so over on the En Vente Libre shop page below.

Ubuntu France ‘Groovy Gorilla’ T-Shirt

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