KDE Plasma 5.19 desktop screenshot

Been waiting for KDE Neon to rebase on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS? Well, it’s here and ready to download!

The very appeal of KDE Neon — which doesn’t like to be called a ‘Linux distro’, apparently — is that it doesn’t require you to sacrifice stability in favour of newness, or vice versa as you get both: new versions of KDE Plasma on top of a rock solid, long-term support foundation.

“KDE neon is our installable Linux with continuous integration and deployment. It’s based on Ubuntu who had a new Long Term Support Release recently so we’ve rebased it on Ubuntu 20.04 now,” Jonathan Riddell says.

The LTS to LTS migration has been in the works since before the Ubuntu 20.04 release took place in April. To help maintain quality standards the rebase has undergone a battalion of testing to ensure everything is as stable as possible.

Not that you need to download a new KDE Neon .iso to take advantage; you can upgrade to KDE Neon 20.04 from an existing/earlier version of the ‘not-a-distro’ distro.

“You should see a popup on your install in the next day or so. It’ll ask you to make sure your system is up to date then it’ll upgrade the base to 20.04 which takes a while to download and then another while to install.”

By design there aren’t too many obvious user interface changes to speak of (it runs the exact same KDE Plasma 5.19 release) but you get the “unseen” benefits from a newer kernel, new hardware support, security fixes, updated apps in the repo, and so on.

Also of note, the new KDE Neon 20.04 install images now ships with and use the (rather slick) Calamares installer by default.

Head over to the KDE Neon download page to grab the latest and greatest .iso image to try, which is available in User Edition and Testing Edition flavours.

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