When the new KDE Plasma 5.19 release arrives early June it’ll do so with a modest crop of changes in tow.

With a beta build available for public testing I figured I should steal a march and roundup the key features and significant improvements KDE Plasma 5.19 plans to offer. This way those of you who ride the plasma wave will have a much better idea of what to expect when you’re able to upgrade to it.

This list is a semi-work in progress as development is still underway. If there’s a notable change or improvement you know of but which I’ve missed in this list then please do let me know about them in the comments section at the bottom and I’ll add it in!

KDE Plasma 5.19

New Features

Developers working on KDE Plasma 5.19 say they: “…prioritized making Plasma more consistent, correcting and unifying designs of widgets and desktop elements” this cycle in adding more configuration options.

This does mean that Plasma 5.19 doesn’t carry an awful lot of tentpole changes (i.e., changes you can’t fail to notice). Instead, the release is all about smaller, less obvious qualitative changes which, collectively, make the Plasma desktop more enjoyable to use.

For instance, the handy Info Center application now bears more visual relevance to the rest of the Plasma desktop. As a bonus, the tool is able to relay more information about the underlying system, including graphics hardware capabilities.

The KDE Info Center (sic) tool

Major refinements to the look of system tray applets and notifications, a task that’s been a long time coming, also feature. Part of a concerted push to standardise system tray applets Plasma 5.19 boasts a dramatically improved audio widget and a more engaging ‘media playing’ toast.

Ahead of bigger changes to the user/account settings page planned for Plasma 5.20 comes a crop of new photographic user account avatars.

There’s also an assortment of new system monitor widgets (or ‘plasmoids’ in KDE speak) for monitoring CPU, RAM and network usage, perfect for helping you keep an eye on system resource usage.

Revamped desktop widgets

Among the (many) tweaks to system settings pages is aspect ratio information for each available screen resolution; control over Plasma’s animation speed; more granularity over file indexing; and an option to configure mouse/touchpad scroll speed under Plasma on Wayland.

On the subject of Wayland users with 2-in1/convertible devices will be pleased to hear that KDE Plasma 5.19 supports screen rotation for tablets under Wayland.

On the applications front Dolphin (the KDE file manager) gains the ability to quickly move or copy files from one pane in split view to another, while Okular (the KDE file viewer) supports zooming in beyond 1600%!

A new wallpaper is also included. It’s called ‘Flow’. It was originally designed for KDE Plasma 5.16. You can download the image in up to 5K resolution direct from KDE Phabricator.

Getting Plasma 5.19

KDE Plasma 5.19 will be available to download as source code direct from the KDE website when it’s released in early June (an earlier draft of this post said next week; my mistake).

KDE Neon, which is in the process of rebasing onto Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, will likely make the release ready to its users as soon as it’s able to.

The Kubuntu backports PPA will likely package the release too. This will allow those running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to upgrade to Plasma 5.19. Do note that while this is possible users should only upgrade on the understanding that KDE Plasma 5.19 is not a long-term support release and is not backed by the same on-going support as the Plasma 5.18 LTS release.

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