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Mozilla Firefox 79 is now available to download for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Before you get too excited by this news I’ll tell you up front that this is not a big update (at least as far as Firefox updates go). That said there are a couple of changes you may want to know about.

Such as?

Well, if you’re a Firefox user in Germany you now get to “enjoy” more Pocket recommendations being shown to you on the new tab page. I know: you’re ecstatic. If you don’t want to see these — surely not? — you don’t have to; you can turn off Pocket stories (as well as other elements) on the new tab page without any hacks.

A number of bug fixes related to using screen readers (including developer tools) make it in to this update as do a swathe of security patches. For privacy reassurance there’s also more improvement to the browser’s built in tracker blocker.

Finally, if you you use Firefox’s developer tools routinely you’re sure to appreciate the fact that browser now lets you see Javascript errors in the Debugger as well as the Console.

Hey: I did tell you it wasn’t a big update! 😉

Download Firefox 79

To download Firefox 79 go to the official Mozilla website and click the relevant buttons for Windows, Linux, or macOS builds.

If you use a supported version of Ubuntu (i.e. not Ubuntu 19.10, which is now EOL) you will get this and future Firefox updates automatically via the Software Updater (or your preferred update utility).

A word of caution if you own a macOS device: Firefox 79 only supports macOS 10.12 and up. If your iMac, Mac Mini, or MacBook cannot be upgraded past macOS 10.9 through 10.11 you will need to stick to the Firefox ESR release to keep getting security updates.

Firefox 78, launched at the end of June, is the latest Extended Support Release (ESR). It’s also available to download from the Mozilla website for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

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