A new version of Regolith Linux is out based atop Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, and it carries an impressive set of changes.

If you’re unfamiliar with Regolith Linux — where have you been?! — then all you really need to know is that it takes the i3 tiling window manager and makes it less intimidating to use.

Regolith Linux makes using the i3 window manager far less intimidating

Thoughtful touches, some canny package curation, and a dash of sane defaults make up the Regolith desktop (which you can install on top of an existing Ubuntu from a PPA).

Regolith Linux 1.4 has a new look. The new default theme, called “Lascaille”, uses the JetBrains Mono font, and features a higher contrast look based on the Ayu colour scheme. The previous ‘theme’, Cahuella, can be installed manually from the repos.

Some clever integration tweaks (and a smattering of gtk3-nocsd) allow GNOME Terminal to become Regolith Linux’s default terminal emulator. For those who prefer it, st is still available in the repos.

Mastering the array of keyboard shortcuts (“keybindings”) in Regolith is made easier by the inclusion of the Remontoire app which has been refreshed for this release.

Those installing Regolith Linux 1.4 fresh will benefit from a smaller download size and reduced resource usage. Additionally, the GDM3 login screen is replaced by LightDM as well.

Elsewhere, there’s a new file search dialog (powered by mlocate); full ARM64 support; and easier swapping of notification modules, including notify-osd

Keep to learn more? Check out the project webpage or head over to the Regolith desktop GitHub page (where you can file bugs and all of that fun).

To download Regolith Linux 1.4 as an ISO image you can flash to a USB or write to a DVD, hit this button:

Download Regolith Linux 1.4 (64-bit .iso)

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