telegram chat folders in sidebar

A new version of the Telegram desktop app for Windows, macOS and Linux is now available — and it hides some very useful new features.

Desktop Telegram 2.0 echoes some of the changes on offer in the recent Telegram 6.0 update for mobile systems. This includes the ability to organise chats into Chat Folders should you find you have more than is manageable!

Chat folders can include any chats you like (even specific types of chat, like groups or channels) and let you assign a custom name and icon to them:

telegram 2.0 chat folder creation

The icon choice is important as, when Chat Folders are in use, the Telegram desktop app shows a new sidebar on the left. This is used to make it easy to switch between different chat folders, and shows a handy unread count for them too.

The Telegram chat folder feature isn’t turned on by default but, assuming you have the Telegram desktop app installed on your system, you can go to tg://settings/folders in a new browser tab to trigger a prompt to enable them.

These and other changes in Telegram desktop 2.0:

  • Organize chats into Chat Folders
  • Create custom chat folders
  • Pin an unlimited number of chats in each folder
  • New side bar to easily access chat folders
  • New animated emoji

These small iterative improvements don’t revolutionise this messaging service but do keep pace with its growing feature set and its going user base.

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