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If you read a lot of manga and you use the Ubuntu desktop check out Komikku, a relatively new Manga reader app for Linux written in Python and GTK.

Now, usually when I highlight a GTK app on this blog you’d assume that I’m talking about a desktop app. But with GTK apps now running on mobile (like the Librem 5, for instance) a new breed of Linux software is emerging, built with mobile first use cases in mind.

And Komikku is one such app.

Alex, aka BabyWogue, aka the Linux YouTube guy who uses a robot voice and anime wallpaper in every video, recently shared a concise video overview of Komikku (it’s how I heard about it in the first place) and how it runs on …a desktop:

Although this manga app is designed with mobile in mind the libhandy library it makes use of is deft enough to power an adaptive UI that works on different screens sizes with different input methods.

Regardless of where you run it, Komikku features native integration with popular online manga servers (meaning you don’t need to have a manga books locally to begin reading). The library is well designed and supports chapters, info, covers, etc.

A handy ‘download’ option can be found in the menu when reading a novel, allowing you to save whatever you’re reading locally (i.e. on that eye-wateringly expensive Linux phone).

The app also comes with manga-specific reading options including configurable background colour, scaling style, and reading direction.

Like what you see? Go get it!

Komikku is free open source software hosted on Gitlab. The app is available to install as a Flatpak app from the Flathub App Store:

View Komikku on Flathub

Don’t have Flatpak set up yet? It’s easy enough. Follow the steps listed in our how to install Flatpak on Ubuntu guide to get it up and running.

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