As a short-term release hopper I (naturally) plan to upgrade to Ubuntu 19.10 as soon as it arrives — but what about you: do you plan to upgrade?

You can check out our overview of the Ubuntu 19.10 release for a more detailed look at what’s new and improved in the upcoming release. Goodies on offer include GNOME 3.34, an experimental ZFS install option, and the “will-it-won’t-it” Yaru light theme.

But call me nosey — or call me predictable as, hey: I ask this question every release — but I want to know what your upgrade plans are once the Eoan Ermine is egregiously evident for everyone to experience.

Yes, that was a terrible, if alliterative, way of saying: ‘once it’s out’.

Don’t be confused by the title of this post though. While it talks about an “upgrade” this doesn’t have to mean a direct upgrade from Ubuntu 18.10.

Indeed, if you plan to install Ubuntu 19.10 fresh or switch from a different distro that technically counts as an upgrade too (an upgrade over whatever it is you’re currently using).

Likewise, if you’ve installed the Ubuntu 19.10 beta, you’ll be “upgrading” the final stable release each time you run apt upgrade, so vote accordingly!

Whatever your plans, share them!

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