Deepin, aka the eye candy Linux distro, is teasing a major visual change ahead of its next major release.

Now, aesthetically speaking, the Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) used by default in the Deepin distro sits somewhere between “iPadOS 13” and “Windows 10”, albeit through the prism of KDE Plasma 5.

Which is to say, more bluntly, that it’s very easy on the eyes (though apparently not so easy on system resources, but that’s a different article).

And yet Deepin’s desktop designers aren’t content and they’re upping the eye candy ante!

A dramatically retooled app launcher experience is set to ship in Deepin 20, the next major stable release, a change ably demoed in this super slick video from the Chinese development team:

I think it’s fair to say there’s nothing that looks quite like that on Linux right now, is there?

The Deepin Desktop Environment has undergone many revamps over the past few years, but always with one eye on the latest design trends. It’s perhaps this constant innovation that has helped the distro claim a top ten placing in the charts of Linux distribution popularity tracker Distrowatch.

And that’s no mean feat.

Not that you have to use the Deepin distro to sample its desktop. It is possible to install Deepin desktop on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS via a PPA (though this doesn’t provide the “complete” experience, Deepin also has a number of first-party apps made especially for it, etc).

Fedora and Manjaro are also popular gateways to the Deepin desktop experience, and might be worth exploring if you fancy taking things for a test.

Deepin 20 is cranking up the eye candy, and I’m totally here for it! 🙌

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