A new version of the super popular Dash to Panel GNOME Shell extension is out, and it intros a vertical dock.

Dash to Panel v24’s vertical option means you can have a unified panel (combining top bar and app launcher) on the left or right of monitors.

We reported that Dash to Panel vertical option was in development last month so its arrival, while welcome, shouldn’t be a surprise.

Naturally there were a crop of design and interaction considerations to be consider to ensure the new vertical dock option works properly, including how to display the clock, and how to handle application launchers in a vertical orientation.

Fans of Unity, or anyone who favours more vertical space over more horizontal space, will appreciate its inclusion

Other changes in Dash to Panel v24, beyond improved compatibility with the latest GNOME 3.34 release, include:

  • Respect Ubuntu-specific option to disable hot corners
  • Option to adjust intelli-hide delay
  • Increased pressure threshold maximum
  • Support for manual preview styling

Dash to Panel v24 also adds the ability to install future Dash to Panel updates directly from Github, bypassing the extensions.gnome.org (EGO) website entirely!

This extra-curricular update mechanism is not enabled by default, and anyone using it should bear in mind that, unlike EGO, the extension code will not be reviewed.

You can, as always, install the very latest version of Dash to Panel directly from EGO:

Dash to Panel GNOME Shell Extension

You can also install Dash to Panel manually using the builds released on the project Github page.

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