Mozilla Firefox 68 has arrived with the usual boatload of bug fixes and betterments in tow.

The latest update to the super-popular open-source web browser is also available as a new Extended Support Release (ESR) version.

What’s new? Well, nothing that you’ll be screaming from the hills about (good or bad).

Fans of Firefox’s Reader Mode feature will likely appreciate the addition “blackout shades”, a feature that (supposedly) turns the Firefox toolbar and Reader sidebar dark when the ‘dark’ contrast option is enabled.

In my testing I found that while the sidebar does turn dark, the Firefox toolbar remains its usual colour.

Now a change you shouldn’t notice: Mozilla says it has rewritten the URL bar in web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It dubs the result of this effort the ‘QuantumBar‘.

The “Get Add-ons” page in the Firefox Add-ons Manager has been renamed “Recommendations”. The page lists a curated collection of add-ons reviewed by Mozilla for their usefulness. The browser is also making it easier for users to report bad add-ons.

To hear more about some of the more ‘nerdy’ changes this update offers the Mozilla Hacks’ blog runs through a ream of them, including the addition of BinInts in Javascript and improved accessibility in the Dev Tools.

Getting Mozilla Firefox 68

The Firefox 68 update is rolling out to users on Windows and macOS via the built-in software mechanism.

The Firefox 68 update for Ubuntu, Linux Mint and related distros should arrive via the Software Updater tool in the next day or so. A Snap version is also available.

If you’re impatient, or you don’t have Firefox installed, you can download Firefox 68 from the Mozilla website.

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