I was super excited when GNOME Usage debuted in GNOME 3.28 as a ‘preview’ app.

So I’m also super excited to hear that the user-focused apps is about to get even more useful — all courtesy of a high-school coder interning at Red Hat, no less!

Usage was, initially, intended to be a revamped version of the standard System Monitor tool that ships as part of the GNOME desktop, albeit with a few extra bells and whistles.

These days it’s more of its own thing, with its own direction, and is pitched as a user-friendly alternative to System Monitor, not a direct replacement for it.

Take usability cues from mobile operating systems, Usage aims to display information and statistics about system resources (e.g., memory usage, disk space, processes) in an accessible, digestible manner.

New GNOME Usage Storage Panel

A new, improved storage panel is currently in development for Usage, and is demoed in this brief clip from GNOME developer Felipe Borges:

The new storage panel is said to be faster than the old one at listing filesystems and ‘nicer to interact with’.

“Each file type gets a different color, and these are consistent. Directories are indicated by a bigger ball in the list. Clicking an item opens the corresponding file. Selecting its checkbox allows for batch deletion,” Borges explains.

In all, some promising improvements to a promising app. Look out for these addition (among many other) in the GNOME 3.34 release due this September.

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