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system monitor gnome extension 2023

See Real-Time System Resource Usage in Ubuntu’s Top Panel

We’re not short of system monitoring tools for Ubuntu, with an array of desktop apps, extensions, widgets, Conky scripts, and command-line tools readily available to us. But if you’re keen to keep an eye firmly […]

20 November 2023

Resources is a New, Modern System Monitor for Linux

The System Monitor app Ubuntu comes with with does an okay job of letting you monitor system resources and oversee running processes — but it does look dated. Now, dated isn’t always a negative – […]

13 October 2023

Use This App to Schedule Restart/Shutdowns on Ubuntu

We look at Time Switch, a GTK app makes it easy to schedule a restart or shutdown on Ubuntu. It also allows you to run a custom command at a specific time.

8 January 2023
screenshot of monitorets

Updated: Monitorets is a Cute System Monitor Tool for Linux

Monitorets is a very simple app that shows live updating graphs for CPU, RAM, network, and disk usage. It can also show GPU and temperature information too.

5 January 2023

TopHat is a Nifty System Monitor for GNOME Shell

TopHat is a neat system monitor extension for GNOME Shell. It embeds three live updating graphs for CPU, RAM, and network usages directly in the top bar.

25 July 2022
GNOME Usage Screenshot

GNOME Usage Gets More Useful at Reporting Disk Space

A new, improved storage panel is currently in development for GNOME Usage, the user-friendly system resource reporting and monitoring tool.

26 June 2019
Stacer system optimiser on ubuntu 17.10

Spring Clean with Stacer, a System Optimizer tool for Linux

Stacer is a system optimizer and cleaner tool for Linux desktops like Ubuntu. Learn more about its features and how to install Stacer on Ubuntu.

15 May 2019
bleachbit running on ubuntu 16.04

Bleachbit System Cleaner 2.0 Released, First Update in 19 Months

If you're a fan of keeping your Linux system free of temporary files and other fluff, you'll be pleased to know that there's a new version of BleachBit system cleaner.

28 February 2018
AppEditor lets you edit app menu entries on ubuntu

A Simple App Menu Editor for Ubuntu

Looking for an easy way to edit application launchers and menu entries on Ubuntu? Well, there’s a new app that can help. ‘AppEditor‘ provides an easy to use GUI through which you can rename app […]

20 February 2018
gnome system monitor redesign

GNOME’s New System Monitor Tool is Available to Try in Bionic

Cast you mind back to 2016 and you recall there were plans for a GNOME System Monitor redesign. The aim: to make checking system resource usage a little more accessible, ideally with historical data thrown into […]

19 February 2018
privacy in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Wants to Collect Data About Your System

Ubuntu wants to collect data on users' systems to 'help improve Ubuntu'. The diagnostic data collection will be opt-out, and enabled by default for all new installs of Ubuntu 18.04.

14 February 2018
Stacer is an Ubuntu cleaner app

Ubuntu System Cleaner ‘Stacer’ Has Binned Electron

Ubuntu system cleaner Stacer has a brand new release — and a brand new codebase. The popular utility has been rewritten in C++ for its latest release.

24 August 2017