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ubuntu battery saver app

How to Install Battery Optimizer App on Ubuntu Laptops

A new battery saver app for Ubuntu by Linux laptop vendor Slimbook can optimize your laptop to let you get longer battery life on Ubuntu.

3 May 2019

How To Check The Health of Your Laptop Battery in Ubuntu

They say that all good things come to an end, and the lifespan of a laptop battery is not exempt.

5 December 2013
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What indicator applets were made for: Mock-up Power Manager Applet for Ubuntu

Power management in Ubuntu is a largely poor effort. As Ubuntu stretches it's leg in the field of mobile computing devices; users need a more coherent and accessible way to control power settings. Users currently need to use 3 (!) applets in-order to manage the oft-most power-related used features of screen brightness, CPU performance and battery life indication.

9 June 2010

‘Caffeine’ For Linux Is a Handy App To Delay Screensaver/Suspend

Caffeine is a “status bar application able to temporarily prevent the activation of both the screensaver and the “sleep” power-saving mode.” The developer also words it another way: – Caffeine is a tiny cup of […]

27 August 2009