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person using an ubuntu laptop

Check Battery Status on Ubuntu Using This GNOME Extension

Looking for an easy way to get a top-level overview of your laptop’s battery health on Ubuntu? If so, check out Battery Status by Spanish blog Atareao. They’ve created a GNOME extension that reminds me […]

22 February 2022
screenshot of slim book battery 4 on ubuntu 20.04

Slimbook Battery 4 Released with Improved Power-Saving Features

Slimbook Battery 4 is out. Its goal: to extend battery life of Linux laptops. The open source energy-tuning utility can also improve performance too.

6 October 2021
ubuntu battery saver app

How to Install Battery Optimizer App on Ubuntu Laptops

A new battery saver app for Ubuntu by Linux laptop vendor Slimbook can optimize your laptop to let you get longer battery life on Ubuntu.

3 May 2019

Want Longer Battery Life on Linux? Try Fedora

Battery life on Linux is something of a weak spot in my opinion. It’s not abjectly terrible, but it’s not subjectively fantastic, either. So I’m stoked to hear that Red Hat (yes, them again) are hard […]

7 February 2018

Battery Monitor app for Ubuntu now lets you create custom alerts

A new version of Battery Monitor, a background battery monitoring tool for Ubuntu, is available to download. The tool is designed for those who want to see notification alerts about battery status besides “battery low” and “battery critically […]

15 March 2017
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Use CPU-G to View Battery Usage on Ubuntu Laptops

Monitoring the battery life of your Ubuntu laptop just got a touch easier. The Atareao team has added a new battery usage and information section to its fork of the CPU-G hardware information tool (think CPU-Z for Windows). You’re […]

8 September 2016
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Battery Monitor Offers Ubuntu Notifications for Battery Events

It doesn’t matter what sort of portable device you use, from laptop, to tablet, to phone: you know how crucial it is to monitor battery life. Ubuntu ships with a battery applet, Indicator-Power, that is […]

25 July 2016

How To Check The Health of Your Laptop Battery in Ubuntu

They say that all good things come to an end, and the lifespan of a laptop battery is not exempt.

5 December 2013
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Linux power regression + overheating problem on ThinkPad [fixed?]

This blog post isn’t only directed to ThinkPad owners as most notebook Linux users with Intel Core Duo 1/2 and i3/i5/i7 processors have been affected by this bug if not all. And yes, this problem […]

12 November 2011
Battery status indicator

How to add a detailed battery indicator to Ubuntu

For as long as I am able to remember the Battery indicator in Ubuntu has, for me, been just shy of useless. Whilst it pictorially displays my battery charge it hasn't been able to provide me with anything more: all I get for enquiring further is a never-changing 'estimating...' menu entry. Thankfully an alternative indicator-shaped solution is available...

25 February 2011
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How to maximize battery life on your Android smartphone

One of the criticisms Android has received plenty of flak for is its comparatively low battery life compared with other smartphones. Google blames it on third party applications, but I've found many other ways to improve your battery life without having to uninstall everything.

6 December 2010
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Battery Meter Screenlets

Battery Screenlet This first one is a very simple battery screenlet that displays your real-time battery power as a graphic.    It’s icon is based on the Tango battery icon, so it integrates well into […]

20 March 2009