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With the latest Ubuntu 19.04 release (aka ‘Disco Dingo’) now available, it’s “debate-whether-to-upgrade” time for many of us!

But is the upgrade worth it?

When viewed against Ubuntu 18.10, released back in October, Ubuntu 19.04 is only a modest upgrade.

Performance is the beat that the Disco Dingo dances to — but is that enough to tempt users?

The Disco Dingo carries few major changes and only a handful of flat-out “new” features, like Tracker, a Livepatch menu indicator (for a feature not available outside of LTS releases), and new desktop icons extension.

Instead, performance is the beat this Disco Dingo dances to. The uplift to GNOME 3.32 brings an array of performance, animation and window manager improvements, resulting in a faster, responsive desktop UI.

But is that enough to tempt you?

Outside of those performance patches I feel like there’s little glitter to attract the eyes of those riding the latest Long Term Support release, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Sure, there’s the boast of a faster desktop — but is the shorter support window and guarantee-free stability a fair trade-off?

With Snaps and Flatpaks, the latest software is readily available to those who want it, regardless of their OS version. And while Ubuntu’s new theme is nice, it’s not exactly a must-have.

So how about you: will you upgrade to Ubuntu 19.04 in the coming weeks?

Cast your vote in our poll, then skip down to the comments section to explain your reasoning.

Note: If you’re already running a pre-release version, such as the Ubuntu 19.04 beta, vote “Yes, ASAP!”, as you will (technically) ‘upgrade’ to the final version when it goes stable on April 18.

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