It’s time to swot up on the latest set of updates to some semi-popular Linux software (oh, and a rather famous Linux distro).

Yes, we’re back with another Linux release roundup.

Now, admittedly, things have been a wee bit quiet on the Linux release front for applications over the past week or two (either that or I’m not tuned-in to the right wavelengths so, y’know, do keep me up to speed via the tip form, etc).

But there’s just enough stuff to pad out one of these posts with, so onwards we go…

Linux Release Roundup

Fedora 30 Released

Fedora 30 is now available to download.

The latest version of Red Hat’s popular Linux distribution for desktop users, Fedora Workstation 30, features a bunch of changes, some of which will be familiar to those who’ve sampled the recent Ubuntu 19.04 release).

There’s the latest GNOME 3.32 release on board, including the new optimised versions of GNOME Shell and Mutter, and the new Adwaita theme.

There’s also access to GCC 9, Bash 5.0, and PHP 7.3 among other updated packages in Fedora 30.

Want to try it out? Well, guess what? You can! Simply download Fedora 30 from the website below, flash it to a USB, and then boot and install like any other distro.

Download Fedora 30

Raven Reader 0.5.0

Raven Reader is an elegant Electron-based desktop — wait, don’t stop reading there, come back! — RSS client for Windows, macOS and Linux. It lets you use a local list of RSS feeds, or sync up with a well-known online RSS service called Inoreader (Feedly support still MIA).

The latest release of Raven Reader, version 0.5.0, was released last week. It adds a couple of minor new features:

  • Sort by ‘oldest’ or ‘newest’
  • Social media sharing links
  • Pocket integration

Pocket integration is something I’m pretty pleased to see even if most will shrug it off. I use (okay, half use) the service as a forget-me-not bookmarking service. Being able to quickly “Pocket” blog posts from Raven is a definite boon to my workflow.

To download Raven Reader for Windows, macOS and Linux just head on over to the project’s Github page. Linux users can install the latest version of the app via the Snapcraft Store.

Raven Reader on Github

Geary 3.32.1

A minor new stable release of Geary, a pretty n’ popular GTK desktop email client for Linux, is available for download.

Geary 3.32.1 brings a pea-sized portion of pertinent bug fixes to the table, including correct quoting of email addresses when using the reply feature; a fix for failure to move email to folder using a keyboard shortcut; and solves an issue whereby some conversations were not loaded from the email server.

Geary 3.32.x series is available to install from Flathub. The official Geary PPA for Ubuntu and Linux Mint users will not be updated with this (or any other 3.32.x series) build.

Get Geary on Flathub

Trivia: there’s some discussion taking place on whether or not to make Geary an official GNOME app. Would you like to see it given core app status?

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget that you can keep me up-to-speed on salient app and important distro releases by e-mailing me, or by using the ‘submit news’ option in the site header.

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