livepatch settings mockup for Ubuntu 19.04Users of Canonical’s Livepatch service — which lets you install Linux kernel updates without rebooting — will find additional settings available in Ubuntu 19.04.

The feature, which made its desktop debut in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, is free for Ubuntu desktop users on up to three separate machines.

The Ubuntu Welcome screen includes live patch set-up as part of its fresh-install orientation but is easily skipped.

Livepatch Settings in Ubuntu 19.04

In the upcoming Ubuntu 19.04 release the aim is provide a dedicated Livepatch tab in the Software & Updates tool (which based on the mock-up, appears to be newly integrated into the main System Settings control panel).

The new pane, which you can see pictured in mock-up form above, is said to “describe what updates are currently applied, and explain conditions where is not available” — all of which is handy info to be aware of when you’re managing a reboot-free Ubuntu system.

Details on Livepatch status and the latest applied updates are shown in this tab, and there’s a handy toggle so that those who opt-in to the time-saving feature can just as easily opt-out of it.

While this minor change isn’t the sort folks will be enthusing about come April, it’s a welcome touch nonetheless.

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