macos mojave gtk theme for Linux desktops

A new GTK theme brings the luscious look of macOS Mojave to the Linux desktop.

Not that you should be surprised; we’ve written before about how easy it is to make Ubuntu look like a Mac.

But thanks to this new macOS Mojave inspired GTK theme that fact is truer, and more faithful, than ever.

macOS Dark Theme for Linux

macos mojave dark mode

Apple unveiled macOS Mojave at its WWDC 2018 event earlier this month. The OS upgrade features a stack of changes, among them a new system-wide dark theme.

Major innovation, right?

In our post looking at macOS Mojave features already available on Linux we mentioned that support for system-wide dark themes is something Linux has had for, like, forever.

Now, with the release of the “Mc-OS-MJV” GTK3 theme, the look is available on Ubuntu and other Linux distros.


ubuntu looking like a mac

Okay, elephant in the room time.

Fact #1: not everyone “likes” the fact some people who use Linux distros theme them to look like another operating system.

I say each to their own; the flexibility of Linux is such that people can make their desktop look as crazy cool or as crazy stupid as they like (though I’ll let you decide where macOS themes fall in that).

Fact #2: people running macOS and Windows 10 have a hard time trying to make their system look like anything else, let alone mimic a different OS.

The look of Apple’s operating system isn’t exactly terrible, either.

MacOS Mojave GTK Theme

macos mojave gtk theme for Linux desktops

Launched on GNOME Look this week, the new “Mc-OS-Mjv” GTK theme is the work of prolific theme creator, “PaulXFCE“.

We’ve featured some of his other themes on this site before, including Ambiance-RW (so good that Ubuntu devs borrowed ideas from it for the official Ambiance theme) and the “so-bad-it’s-sort-of-good” Arrongin.

Of his latest creation he says (all sic): “These are high end and thorougly  developed GTK-themes for the gnome desktop (3.20+ through 3.28) that interpretes the Mac Os themes to the gnome-environment.”

“I’ve modernized it in every little detail. There is nothing (not a single item) that is not new. Resulting in a completely rewritten GTK.CSS-file.”

Because it’s the dark theme in macOS Mojave that has Mac enthusiasts its the one I’ve chosen to use screenshots of in this post. A standard light version is also available.

He’s Made Other macOS GTK Themes, too

Not a fan of the Mojave changes? Paul’s “interpretations” of macOS High Sierra and macOS Yosemite are still available to download, as is a theme based on the (now older) dark themes used in Apple’s Logic and Garageband software.

Download Dark macOS Mojave GTK Theme

You can find all of PaulXFCE’s Mac OS themes over on GitHub as well as on GNOME-Look.

For the darkly brilliant Mojave inspired clone be sure to download the “mc-os-mjv dark mode” package.

  1. Download the theme from GNOME-Look
  2. Extract the archive file to the ~/.themes/ directory in your Home folder
  3. Change GTK theme using the GNOME Tweaks tool

That’s it!

It should go without saying (but I’ll sat it anyone to bump up the word count) that these themes are not endorsed by Apple, etc. Each time someone uses a macOS theme on Linux Tim Cook’s hair turns greyer.

Thanks Sergio

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