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A short post just to let those of you who care know that a new version of the Wine — aka the ‘Windows compatibility layer’ — is available to download.

Wine 3.0.1 is the first point update in the tool’s stable branch since the Wine 3.0 release back at the start of the year.

Although relatively minor this release does uncorks a crop of bug fixes, including remedies for issues affecting Microsoft Office, Symantec Norton 360, and the Microsoft .NET Framework.

A slate of game improvements also feature, including patches to make Civilization V, Black and White 2, and Stars in Shadow run better.

For more details on how to get Wine 3.0.1 on to your distro of choice head over to the official Wine ‘download’ page.

And after you do that be sure to let us (and the whole world) know in the comments what you use Wine for — I’m genuinely curious!

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