A new version of Dash to Panel, the popular GNOME extension that adds an icon task bar and system tray to the desktop, has been released.

Dash to Panel v9 adds a couple of new features, including a Window Peek mode, and some nifty new options, like being able to hide ‘favourites’ from the panel.

Window Peek is the headline addition in this release. Similar to Windows 7’s Aero Peek, it lets you hover over a task bar preview to see a full-size preview of that app’s window. Helpful for finding a specific app window. Other windows and apps on the desktop are made transparent.

dash to panel window peek

Another welcome feature is the ability to hide “favorites” from the panel. This is useful for those who want to use the panel only as task list and not as a combined task list and app launcher.

If you’re a fan of the Unity launcher style number overlays that can used to launch apps you may want to take advantage of a new setting, as the number overlays can now be set to show all the time.

The Dash to Panel settings window is now resizable and fits smaller displays.

Dash to Panel v9 is available to download as source from Github:

Download Dash to Panel from Github

If you’ve installed Dash to Panel from the extensions.gnome.org website you should be able to upgrade to this release in the next few days.

Dash to Panel on GNOME Extensions

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