In need of a capable graphics editor on your Ubuntu box? If so, check out Vectr, a free app now available from Ubuntu Software.

Vectr is a free, online vector graphics editor available on Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS. It’s available to install on the Ubuntu desktop as a Snap app.

A simple and uncluttered layout makes Vectr super simple to use. If you’ve ever goofed around in Gimp or Photoshop you’ll be able to make sense of the interface. Keeping mind that Vectr, as it name tells you, is a vector-based editor.

Vector graphics are scalable, making them ideal for icons and logo designs, webpage or mobile app mockups, and other illustrations. Graphics stay crisp and clean, even when resized.

Admittedly the app isn’t a “pro” tool. Proficient users of apps like Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator and Sketch will find the lack of advanced features, tools, and settings limiting.

But this pared feature set is also a strength. The app is well suited for average tasks asked of average users: you don’t need to be skilled to create stunning 2D vector art in Vectr, and you aren’t bamboozled over over-awed by a giddying feature set.

  • Various shape tools
  • Freehand pen tool
  • Layer styles, inc. shadow and stroke
  • Layer filters, inc. gradient and fills
  • Text tool with 100s of fonts
  • Option to insert/upload images

Whether it’s designing a blog graphic, illustrating a tweet, or making a quick meme for Reddit, Vectr probably has everything you’ll need. A comprehensive online user guide is also available and walks through the various features and settings the app has.

Once you’ve finished your masterpiece you can export as a PNG, JPG, or SVG file.

Now for the rubbish bit: Vectr doesn’t work offline. You need an active internet connection to use the app. Also, to save work for future editing, you need to sign up for a (free) Vectr account.

Vectr is available to install from the Ubuntu Store as a Snap app:

Install Vectr from Ubuntu Software

The app can also be installed from the command line:

sudo snap install vectr

Once you’ve given the app the once over feel free to come back and share your thoughts on Vectr in the comments, or upload any SFW creations you concoct in it. 

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