enjade unity on kde plasma

A new project aims to recreate the Unity desktop using KDE Plasma.

“The Enjade desktop environment is a community project to recreate and continue the Unity desktop environment,” reads the initiative’s website.

“From the versatile Dash down to the global menu, Enjade promises to offer the familiar experience Ubuntu users love while adding new features to keep it up with the latest trends,”

Noble ambitions that give ardent Unity admirers an alternative to the official Compiz version.

Unity 7 itself is still supported until 2021. But although it won’t stop working overnight it’s unlikely to receive any major new features. That leaves it to forks and pseudo-forks (like this one) to evolve the desktop in pace with wider software and usability trends.

Planned features for Enjade include a Wayland-compatible display server, and a Unity style Dash with ‘versatile search functionality’, including files & apps, dictionary and Google results.

It’s still super early days for Enjade and there is no code available to play with, test or help contribute to.

The idea also isn’t new.

We wrote about a ‘Look & Feel‘ package before that can make KDE Plasma look like Unity before Canonical announcement. It remains to be seen whether Enjade will reuse or diverge significantly from existing efforts like this.

But if the idea of Enjade excites you can find a bit more information, plus links to get involved, on the official Enjade project website below.

Enjade on Github

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