feed the monkey rss reader

FeedTheMonkey is an open-source desktop feed reader for the open-source Tiny Tiny RSS service.

The apps uses the official Tiny Tiny RSS API to fetch ‘normalized feeds and to synchronize the “article read” marks’.

Obviously this means that Feed the Monkey only works with Tiny Tiny RSS, so no Feedly  no Feedbin, no local feeds, etc. This also means you need to be running Tiny Tiny RSS on a server somewhere, too.

The desktop is written in C++ with Qt and QML, making a nimble fit for cross-platform usage.

Sadly there are no pre-built packages available for Ubuntu users to install from (boo). If you want to try it out you’ll need to compile it by hand (it requires Qt 5.6), or wait for someone else to do the heavy lifting.

If you’re on Arch you’re a little luckier. Feed the Monkey is available to install through AUR.

For more information, including all important links to source code, head over the application’s Github page:

Feed the Monkey Github page

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