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Linux system optimizer and monitoring app Stacer has picked up a few new features — just in time for some early spring cleaning!

For those unfamiliar with it, Stacer is an all-in-one system utility. It lets you monitor system resource usage, clear app caches and leftover config files, uninstall apps you no longer need, stop and start system processes, and more.

The latest release of the open-source cruft-cleaning tool brings improved visuals, better in-app notifications and and warnings, and introduces a brand new resource monitoring section:

stacer system monitoring

Pretty, isn’t it?

I haven’t had chance to properly compare Stacer’s CPU and network graphs to those offered in the native system monitor, but it’s likely that you’ll still want to use the latter to troubleshoot issues. Stacer’s resource panel is better suited for a casual at-a-glance overview.

Info Boxes

The System Cleaner section now (quite rightly) shows a small warning when attempting to delete application caches. App caches often take up  lot of disk space but, depending on the app, often help improve performance or save on bandwidth.

You’ll also notice that Trash is now a scannable source in the sidebar meaning.

stacer system app uninstall applications

Another small chance sees the Startup Applications section add an ‘add’ button so you can tailor your login experience to run the apps you do want at startup, and remove those you don’t.

A few notes on Stacer

Stacer integrates with gksudo, and will ask to enter your system password when you attempt to run a task that requires root privileges (basically most of the features it offers).

A Linux alternative to CCleaner? Quite possibly, but don’t let the simply designed interface fool you: this is a powerful app and you need to use it with care.

Download Stacer for Ubuntu

You can download the latest version of Stacer direct its Github page. Hit the link below, download the correct installer for your system, and then double-click on it to install the app using Ubuntu Software.

Download Latest Release of Stacer for Ubuntu

Once install is complete you can open Stacer from the Unity Dash or another application launcher/menu.

Not a fan of Electron apps? Stacer alternatives the Ubuntu Cleaner, and advanced system cleaning tool Bleachbit.

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