Opera Software debuted an all-new concept browser called Opera Neon yesterday.

Neon is fast, blingy, and a little bit gimmicky, but does some neat new stuff that has gotten a lot of people quite excited.

Sadly, Neon wasn’t made available to download on Linux.

And now we find out that it won’t be.

Like, ever.

We reached out to Opera ourselves a couple of times for word on or whiff of Linux support.

Opera couldn’t be arsed to reply to us.

The company did —thankfully— reply to someone else who asked about Linux support. And their answer — brace yourselves — is a negative: there won’t be a Linux version:

What’s interesting is the reason why Opera say won’t be a Linux build. It seems, in spite of a positive reception by the press (something Opera doesn’t get much of), that Neon is just a one-shot:

“Right now Neon is a fun project that our developers were working on & we’re not planning to develop it further,” the company says in a tweet, and add that they plan “to add the best features to the regular browser so they’ll also be available for all Linux users”.

Which is someway encouraging, I guess.

Those of us on Linux aren’t short of alternative web-browsers. Aside from Opera, Chrome/ium and Firefox we have Epiphany (GNOME Web), Midori, Qupzilla, Min, Vivaldi, Rekonq, the Ubuntu web-browser app… and so on.

If you took Neon for a spin on Windows and/or macOS let us know what features you hope to see Opera port over.

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