newspaper-icon41I’m having one of those days again. One of those days where I can’t seem to stumble upon any app, update or news item worth covering. 

And that makes me frustrated.

Sure, there is plenty of stuff happening in the open-source and Linux communities over the past couple of days Redhat launched RHEL 7 yesterday; GNOME devs just wrote a blog post about search improvements headed to their Software app; and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is available to buy on Steam for Linux.

But most of this stuff you either would rather not read here, or have already read elsewhere.

Naturally not every post that we publish is of interest to every reader, and that’s genuinely okay. I read a bunch of various sites and 75% of their output gets marked as read and I move on.

But we do, at least, strive to publish stuff that will of interest to someone. 

To The Tip Box We Go!

This is where our Tip Box comes in handy.

No, this isn’t a place where you charitably stuff your loose change. The Tip Box is the place where all your e-mails and contact form items end up.

Right now it’s looking pretty bare, too:

Frank has sent in a tip form with the body content “submit tip” — cheers!

Andy has noticed a few updates to the official Spotify for Linux Qt client over the past few months but can’t find any change-logs. He asked if we could try and find out, which we’re in the process of doing.

Tamas mailed in to inform us that Geary is dead and elementary (sic) is taking over (this is old news; Geary is very much alive).

I’m not sure if the lack of tips is because the tip form is broken (yet again) or because there just is precious little out there you think fellow Linux-loving folk might want to hear about.

Get In Touch (Seriously, We Love It)

Whether you’ve made an app, theme or nifty little script you’d like the world to know about, or have stumbled upon some fresh news you think we really ought to mention (and that hasn’t been covered to death elsewhere) please do get in touch.

You can e-mail us on contactATomgubuntu or You can use the tip form in the header (just hover over ‘submit new’), or you can DM us on Twitter (we have an open inbox, but sorry: we can’t do support queries).