Rocket League blasted onto Linux at the end of last week and we were ridiculously excited about it.

“You all need to be playing this game”.

But there’s a good chance that, despite the game’s relative popularity out there in the wild, that you don’t know that much about it.


Seriously! It’s a good thing that you don’t know too much about Rocket League. For one, it means you haven’t (yet) lost hours and hours to this game, and have instead spent it doing productive things (like reading blogs or feeding cats). It also means that I can get away with writing 200 words around someone else’s video review and sound like I’m being ridiculously helpful in the process.


If you’ve been looking for a Rocket League Linux video review, you can stop because the best one you’re likely to see is already online.

See, the great thing about the Internet™ is that it allows awesome people to have a platform to create and share the awesome things they make. The following video, the work of the awesome YouTuber Linux Gamer, is a fine case in point.

It’ll tell you everything you need to know about the game that I, fudged-fingered as ever, haven’t done a good job of doing. So stop reading this (yes, this) and get watching this:

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