Additional ‘perks’ could be added to the Ubuntu Edge campaign on IndieGoGo.

More affordable pledge levels would likely tempt those unable to afford the $650 – $830 required to buy an Edge device, but who still want to support the campaign in some way.

Since its launch last Monday many Ubuntu users have been calling on Canonical to add sub-$100 tiers backed by incentives like Ubuntu stickers and t-shirts. And while it’s not yet known what perks will be added, what they will include or when they will appear, a recent comment from Canonical community manager Jono Bacon earlier today, does suggest that they are coming:

‘We are currently working on [lower priced perks] right now, and look forward to announcing this soon.” – Jono Bacon

The lowest listed perk at the time of writing is the ‘$20 – Founder‘. This gives backers ‘…a place on the Ubuntu Edge Founders page’, along with access to updates and discussions.

Backers are not obliged to pick a perk in order to donate to the campaign, nor are they required to pledge $20 or more. It’s possible to pledge as little or as much as you like by clicking the pink ‘Contribute’ button on the Ubuntu Edge page on IndieGoGo.

Have you been holding off donating to Ubuntu Edge? What perks would tempt you to do so?

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