I’m going to mention a certain infamous social networking site and I don’t want you to pelt me with rotten fruit for doing so. Agreed? Awesome. Yes, it’s Facebook app time again.

Facebook desktop apps aren’t ‘new’ to Ubuntu, nor exclusive to. Some argue that they’re not even needed.

But where there’s a want there’s usually an app to satisfy.

‘Facebook Qt’ is the latest attempt at marrying the web’s most visited website with the traditional desktop OS. It can run on Windows, Linux and OS X, but since this is an Ubuntu-orientated site we’ll only be looking at from the Ubuntu perspective.


On first glance it’s difficult to see Facebook Qt as anything more than a pretty-looking site-specific browser. Indeed, the blue-themed window frame makes it clear from le get go that the app is about one site, and one site in particular.

Shunning native window themeing the app houses navigation buttons within its frame, along with an ‘About’ button and a ‘Close’ button.

When open the app displays an icon in the system tray area. This turns red on receipt of new notifications, messages or requests, and stays blue when you’re unloved. Clicking on it offers up a drop-down menu with links that open in-app.

If the entire app seems familiar then I salute you on having a good memory. We saw a similarly-purposed, though arguably more featured, GTK version in last years Ubuntu App Showdown: the perfunctory-named ‘Facebook‘.

Key features at a glance:

  • Use Facebook free from a browser
  • Get alerted to new messages, requests, and notifications


Annoyingly Facebook Qt has no pre-built packages. If you want to use it you’ll need to install QtCreator, some common Qt dependencies (including libqtwebkit-dev) and run the application’s project file from there.

Everything you need, including source and further information on the app, can be found at the link below.

Facebook Qt App Website

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