New Unity-styled shutdown dialogs are gearing up to arrive in Ubuntu 13.04 – and boy do they look good!

The dialogs, which were originally designed for Ubuntu 12.04, provide Unity-themed prompts for the acts of shutting down, logging out, and rebooting your system.

When an item is selected from the Session menu one of the following two windows appears:

The New Look Dialogs Heading to the Ubuntu Desktop
The New Look Dialogs Heading to the Ubuntu Desktop

When the power button of the device is pressed a larger prompt with additional options appears, as developer Marco Trevisan, who has worked on the dialogs, demoes in the following video:

Like much of the Unity interface the dialog windows are ‘chameleonic’; the background colour of the window adapts to match the average colour of the desktop wallpaper.

Although a bit more testing is needed before these changes are pushed to the desktop they are looking like a dead cert for inclusion this time around.

Better late than never, eh?

Screenshot credit: Brandon Schaefer
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