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Music App ‘Musique’ Adds Album Sorting, Gapless Playback and Playlist Tweaks

It's a good week for music fans on Linux. Following the recent update to Banshee comes a new release of the lightweight Qt music player Musique.

9 October 2013

Browsing Music By Album Art in Linux Media Apps

I prefer using music players on Linux that let me browse my music by album art. Why? And what apps let me do it? In this post I explain.

2 October 2013

Three Top Ubuntu Apps Get Weekend Updates

Audio player Musique; flash-free desktop YouTube viewer Minitube; and its sibling, the YouTube music jukebox 'MusicTube', were all levelled up with new features and new looks.

4 February 2013
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Music App Musique Adds Scrobble Support, Faster Scanning

Last.FM scrobbling, faster music library scanning and improved album art detection all feature in the latest release of music player Musique.

17 February 2012