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MellowPlayer is a Cross-Platform Qt Cloud Music App

MellowPlayer is a Qt cloud music app for Linux, Windows and Mac. Never heard of it? I can’t say I had, either. But a reader of this site, and a fan of MellowPlayer,  asked if […]

21 August 2017
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5 Nuvola Tweaks for An Awesome Google Play Music Experience in Ubuntu

Do you use Google Play Music in Nuvola? Follow our list of 5 top tweaks to make it look and work as best as it can in Ubuntu.

15 November 2012

Getting Started with Google Play Music on Ubuntu

Google's online music service 'Google Play Music' has officially launched in select European countries, having been restricted to America for the last year or so. If you're in the UK, France, Germany, Italy or Spain you can now buy legal music downloads from the some of the worlds biggest record labels.

13 November 2012
new-look Nuvola

5 Neat New Features Coming to Nuvola Music Player

It integrates web-based music players with the Ubuntu desktop and in its next release Nuvola music player is set to get even better. From new extensions and music services, to nifty features that make using it more enjoyable, here are our pick of the top 5 new features currently available to try in the most recent beta release.

27 July 2012
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Cloud Music App Nuvola Prepping New Look, Features

The unstable builds of cloud music player Nuvola are sporting a new look service selector and a more intuitive way to add and enable plugins.

3 July 2012
Nuvola 1.0

Rdio & Pandora Support Added to Nuvola Player

Rdio and Pandora support has been added to the desktop-based cloud music player Nuvola. Updated translations, and fixes for multimedia-keys and webkit rending also feature in the 1.0.4 release.

1 April 2012
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Ubuntu-integrated Cloud Music Player ‘Nuvola’ Sees New Release, Adds Lucid Support

A new stable release of 'Nuvola' music player - formerly known as Google Music Frame - is now available for download. Nuvola 1.0 adds a number of additional features and improvements to the desktop-integrated player, including support for Grooveshark, 8Track and Hypemachine.

24 December 2011

Nuvola Music Player Hits Beta, Adds Grooveshark, Hype Machine Support + More

A new beta release of Linux music player Nuvola, with Grooveshark and Hypermachine integration, is available for testing.

12 December 2011
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Google Music Frame Gets Renamed, Adds Grooveshark, 8Track Support

Google Music Frame has a new name, and some new service support to boot.

20 November 2011
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Getting Started with Google Play Music on Ubuntu

Google Music, the search giants cloud-music player/storage service, slipped off its beta tag and emerged into the land of 'available to all' yesterday. But how do you go about making the most of it on Ubuntu?

17 November 2011