As expected, the debut of Electronic Art’s freemium games on the Ubuntu Software Center made a big impact in May.

Both titles – Lord of Ultima and Command and Conquer –  secure the top and second place in the ‘free’ apps top 10 following their much-hyped release last month.

Although no sales stats are available, the chart placing will still be good news for gamers on Ubuntu.

EA’s Richard Hilleman previously said that the company will be the ‘success’ of the Ubuntu titles on user rather than ‘financial’ metrics.

On the commercial apps chart Bit.Trip.Runner scores big, leaping into 3rd place after less than 3 weeks on sale.

Paid Apps

Like most previous charts, the most popular paid apps on Ubuntu are once again gaming titles.

Unigine’s RTS Oil Rush,  action-shooter Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, and puzzler World of Goo all remain strong sellers.

Critically acclaimed puzzle game Braid claims the top spot.

May 2012’s Top 10 Commercial Apps:

[Key: App name (April position)]

  1. Braid (3)
  2. Oil Rush (4)
  3. Bit.Trip.Runner (new)
  4. World of Goo (8)
  5. Linux Format Magazine #158 (new)
  6. Steel Storm: Burning Retribution (2)
  7. Fluendo DVD Player (~)
  8. The Journey Down: Chapter One (new)
  9. Linux Format Magazine #159 (new)
  10. Family Farm (9)

Free Apps

Much like the paid application chart above the top 10 free applications downloaded through the Ubuntu Software Centre is also largely made up of gaming titles.

MMORPG Ryzom, space-based MMORPG Vendetta Online, and Marble Arena 2 remain popular, but it’s EA’s browser-based titles that scoop first and second place respectively.

May 2012’s Top 10 ‘Free Apps’:

  1. Lord of Ultima (new)
  2. Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances (new)
  3. CrossOver (Trial) (re-entry)
  4. Ryzom (2)
  5. Full Circle Magazine #60 (new)
  6. Vendetta Online (3)
  7. Tropical Stormfront LITE (new)
  8. Marble Arena 2 (4)
  9. PDF Studio 7 Demo (5)
  10. Tribal Trouble 2 (re-entry)
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