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tidal music streaming service logo

Listen to Tidal Music on Linux from the Command Line

Tidal subscribers have a new way to listen to the high-fidelity music streaming service while using the Linux desktop. The Spotify rival touts better sound quality and bigger royalty cheques for artists, but it doesn’t provide a desktop […]

15 January 2018
best music player on ubuntu graphic

The Best Music Players for Ubuntu & Linux Mint

We look as some of the best music player apps for Ubuntu, from feature-filled music managers to others that are lightweight and simple to use.

10 January 2017
sayonara player 0.9.1

Sayonara Music Player 0.9.1 Released, Here’s How To Install it On Ubuntu

A new version of the Sayonara music player is out, and it adds cover art support, new icons, and a new crossfader. We show you how to install it on Ubuntu.

16 September 2016
clementine music app

Clementine Music Player Scores Juicy New Update

Can you believe that it’s been over 2 years since the last stable release of Clementine? It’s also been over 4 years since we last mentioned the popular open-source music player on this site! New Features in Clementine […]

17 April 2016

Tomahawk 0.8.4 Released, Plugin for Tidal On The Way

A new update to the meta-streaming desktop music player Tomahawk has washed ashore, with a bunch of bug fixes firmly in tow.

16 April 2015

How To Use Steam Music Player on Ubuntu Desktop

'Music makes the people come together' Madonna once sang. But can Steam's new music player feature mix the bourgeoisie and the rebel as well?

2 October 2014
deadbeef image

Linux Audio App ‘DeaDBeef’ Updates With Interactive Layout Designer

The lightweight Linux audio player DeaDBeeF has been updated, with an interactive new design mode being one of several new features included in the 0.6.0 release.

25 November 2013

‘Budgie’ Media Player Hatches on GNOME

Budgie is a new lightweight media player for GNOME, using client side decorations to present an attractive front to its nimble core.

7 November 2013

Sayonara – Lightweight Qt Music Player

it aims to be low on system resources, but intent aside does new music app 'Sayonara' have much to sing about? We go hands on to find out.

4 August 2013

Spotify Pushes Out Bug Fix Update on Linux

A new icon, faster load-up times, and fixes for a recent spate of playback problems - yes, it's a new release of Spotify for Linux Preview.

6 May 2013

Spotify Rival Rdio Gets New Ubuntu App

Music streaming service Rdio recently switched from offering a free 7 day trial to a much more impressive 6 month one! In this post we look at what Rdio is and how to get the most out of it in Ubuntu...

12 February 2013
Beatbox quicklist

Beatbox Music Player Adds New Artist Overview, Unity Quicklist

Beatbox music player has improved the way additional artists/track data is displayed. Detailed artist information, discography and pictures, as well as lyrics for the currently playing track, can be revealed by clicking the new 'information' button added to the toolbar.

8 June 2012