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Ubuntu’s uTouch Tech Brings Smooth Scrolling to Chromium

Little has been heard of Ubuntu's multi-touch framework 'uTouch' of late - but it seems for good reason. The uTouch team have today demoed 'pixel perfect scrolling' in the open-source web-browser Chromium in Ubuntu, a feat made possible by taking advantage of Ubuntu's touch-friendly technology stack. The effort is part of the teams goal of 'adding multitouch and gesture support to major browsers on the Linux desktop.'

26 March 2012
Unity love handles

Unity Love Handles: resizing in Ubuntu just got sexy

Love handles. Sounds non-sexy, but boy it is anything but.

25 March 2011
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Touchégg lets you assign actions to multi-touch gestures in Linux

Want a three-finger pinch on your multi-touch trackpad to minimize all windows? Dream of  a five-finger tap emulating your mouse scroll-wheel? Hyperbole aside, you got it with Touchégg. Touchégg Touchégg is  a “multitouch gesture recognizer” […]

24 January 2011