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unlock screen GNOME Shell 3.30

First Look: GNOME’s Stylish New Login & Lock Screens

GNOME is planning to redesign its lock and login screens for GNOME Shell. The new designs are clean, use a 'clear spatial model' and make use of animations.

10 May 2018
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How to Pause Music When Lock Screen Kicks in on Ubuntu, Linux Mint + More

Pause on Lock is a simple script that can pause music on Ubuntu when the lock screen kicks in. When you return to your desktop and log back in whatever you were listening to resumes, […]

1 August 2017

Ubuntu Fixes Security Flaw in 14.04 LTS Lock Screen

Canonical has patched a significant security flaw in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS — one that potentially allowed attackers to gain access to a user account without needing to enter a password.

30 April 2014
Unity8 is available as an alternate Session

Meet The Slick New Unity Lock Screen Coming to Ubuntu 14.04

How long have you wanted Ubuntu's login screen to also handle lock screen duties? A while? Well, the wait will be over soon!

11 March 2014

Ubuntu Touch Styled Lockscreen App for Android

Here's something for the impatient but excited Ubuntu Touch fans amongst you: an Ubuntu Touch lock-screen for Android.

11 August 2013

Ubuntu Touch Lock Screen Concept [Video]

Lucas Romero tweeted us his design concept for a lock screen he feels is more fitting of Ubuntu Touch. Check out the video demo inside.

4 July 2013
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GNOME’s New Lock Screen Design Goes Online

The tentative design proposal for the new GNOME lock screen has been published online. The designs, created by Novell's Jakub Steiner and published on the GNOME Design Wiki, take cues from the lock-screens of smartphones by remaining semi-useful when locked (displays big clock, message notifications, music controller).

12 February 2012