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GNOME’s Revamped ‘Web’ Browser Is Minimal, Mighty

GNOME's work on a revamped and repurposed 'Epiphany' web browser - which seeks to make the browser a core part of the GNOME experience - is coming along nicely. The redesign of Epiphany, which is relabelled 'Web' in the app itself, seeks to to offer GNOME users a 'simple, clean, beautiful view of the [internet].'

18 January 2012
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Video Effects Coming to Empathy Video Chat

GNOME developer Raluca has been working on bringing the cool video effects from webcam app 'Cheese' over to Empathy's video chat window.

19 August 2011
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Cheese webcam gets some crazy new effects

Take a peek at some crazy new video effects coming to the Cheese webcam tool in this video by Daniel Siegel & Andreas Nilsson.

8 December 2010
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Login to Ubuntu using your face [Updated with PPA]

Facial recognition software may be nothing new but did you know you can use your webcam to log in to your Ubuntu desktop? Logging in to Ubuntu with nothing more than a smile is possible using the pam-face-authentication utility which was specifically designed for regular everyday users to use.

27 September 2010
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PhotoStory – tell your life in pictures

Photostory is a small application for taking a daily snapshot of yourself using your webcam. The main draw over, say, simply reminding yourself to take a picture with Cheese is that Photostory is able collate […]

8 September 2010
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Pongo records screen activity, audio & webcam video in one video: a screecasters dream

Pongo is a small, free screen recording utility that merges video of your desktop, your webcam and sound from your microphone together, out putting it into one single .ogv file ready to edit, adjust or […]

15 August 2010
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How to broadcast your Ubuntu Desktop (and more) on UStream, Justin.Tv, etc

Ever wanted to live-cast your Ubuntu desktop, slide show or even your webcam with some snazzy effects to UStream and similar live-broadcast sites? WebCamStudio for Linux makes it a snap. The JAVA-based application allows you […]

20 June 2010
ASUS X54HR Ubuntu Laptop

Top 5 Apps Not Installed With Ubuntu

There are some incredibly useful applications that don’t ship with Ubuntu one for reason or another. Below I list my 5 of the best applications you might be missing out on! Pitivi – Simple Video […]

24 April 2009