Linux Mint have agreed to split the revenue generated from Banshee’s MP3 Store plugin with ‘upstream’.

Mint had earlier changed the stock affiliate code, which provides the Banshee project with a small % from the sale of each track, to that of their own.

In a U-turn, following unease in the Linux community, Linux Mint have agreed to split the revenue stream with Banshee equally.

From Linux Mint 12 onwards, 50% of all profits generated from the Amazon MP3 store will be given to the Banshee project. The remaining 50% will go towards ‘growing’ Linux Mint.

“We want to grow, get more staff, tackle ..bigger projects.” wrote the project’s founder Clement Lefebvre in a response to comment on the Linux Mint blog asking what revenue is used for.

“Eventually I’d like to [donate to projects used by Mint], but our main priority is to grow.”

The Banshee revenue page has been updated to reflect this decision.

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