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Viber Desktop App for Linux Holds Its Own Against Skype, But Lacks Users

It is often touted as a superior alternative to the perennially popular VoIP service Skype — but is Viber truly able to live up to such claims?

7 April 2014

Native Trillian Linux App Hits Beta, Boasts Tight Ubuntu Integration

Is the Trillian for Linux Beta any good? We've gone hands on to see what it's like - and while we're impressed there's a one glaring issue...

8 October 2013
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AIM Say No To Desktop Linux Client

AIM have no plans to create a messaging client for Ubuntu, a company spokesman has said. The announcement comes after a call to support Ubuntu became the most popular suggestion on their 'User Voice' feedback service.

17 February 2012
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Should AOL Provide an AIM Client for Linux?

A new poll on Aol's 'customer feedback' forum' is calling for AIM to be ported to Linux. But is there really a demand?

27 November 2011