The organizers behind 2012 – which is hosted in Ballarat, Australia in January next year – have announced the second keynote speaker as Bruce Perens. is a 5 day Linux conference run annually in either Australia or New Zealand. Earlier this year OMG! Ubuntu! was at LCA 2011 in Brisbane, where we interviewed the founder of Linux, Linus Torvalds, and one of the first Canonical employees and former GNOME release manager, Jeff Waugh.

From the press release:

Join open source luminary Bruce Perens as he explores the Second Revolution of Open Source – Open Hardware.

Open Hardware is a movement dedicated to creating physical objects under the same terms and principles as Open Source Software. That is, their design and manufacture yields freedoms such as the ability to run the hardware for any purpose, study it, change it and share it with others.

World reknowned as a leader in the Free Software and Open Source community, Bruce Perens is creator of the Open Source Definition, the manifesto of the Open Source movement in Software. He’s founder or co-founder of;

Perens released his first Free Software program, Electric Fence, in 1987. He is also creator of?Busybox, which has spawned its own development community and is part of many consumer devices.

Perens was vice president at Sourcelabs from 1995 to 1997, and was series editor of the Bruce Perens’ Open Source Series of books with Prentice Hall PTR publishers, which published 24 titles. Perens spent two years with HP as Senior Global Strategist for Linux and Open Source, and was president of Linux Capital Group, a venture fund that specialized in Linux. Perens spent 20 years in the computer graphic animation industry, 12 of them at Pixar Animation Studios. He has a credit on the films A Bug’s Life and Toy Story II. will be held 16th-20th January 2012 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. and @linuxconfau on Twitter and Identica. Early bird registrations are open until the end of October.

OMG! Ubuntu! will be at 2012, covering the keynotes, interesting talks, and providing interviews throughout the week. Follow coverage at the following tag:

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