There is barely a day left for the creative folks amongst you to submit your designs for Ubuntu 11.10’s countdown banner.

Amongst the ideas that have been submitted so far virtually all make use of a ‘loading bar’ notion – and with good reason: it is visually effective.

Daniel from Germanyhas applied the ‘loading’ to the Ubuntu logo itself:

Slovakian web developer Martin Holicky has used Ocelot iconography in hisimplementation: –

But the “progress bar” motif isn’t the only consistent idea amongst submitted ideas: they all share the samecolourpaletteof light grey/off white plus a smattering of orange. It looks good, granted, but perhaps your design is different?Hurry – designs need to be submitted by tomorrow.


Thinking about the countdown from a developers developers perspective I put this together:

developer countdown by d0od


News community countdown countdown