Further to Jorge and Ahmed’s excellent Unity andin-depthupdate on recent Unity developments here are a handful of screenshots showing off many of the visible changes and options that have appeared in Ubuntu 11.10 over the last few days.

Mounted drives

Hate so many mounted drives cluttering up your Launcher? You can now specify when to hide mounted drives andpartitions via the ‘Experimental’ tab in CCSM. (See screenshot below)

Change Launcher Opacity

Also present is an option to change the Opacity of the Unity launcher opacity: –

Opacity at 0, 35,default valueand 100% are displayed below: –

Adjust edge reveal

A slider added to the ‘Behaviour’ tablets you adjust the edge reveal “time out” (the duration at which you need to hold your cursor to the left before the launcher pops out)

Other notable changes

The “Aero-snap” animation has been made over, now displaying a rich pulsating gold: –

The ‘Trash can’ now wiggles/pulses to acknowledge that files have been deposited in it.

Sadly this update saw the Unity “modal dialogs” we so lovedpulled due to performance issues.Here’s hoping they reappear at some point.

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